Promoting the amazing South West of Australia through an integrated social media strategy and web application.

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Australia’s South West wanted to promote their annual Winter Down South campaign in the digital realm to reach a new audience and extend the campaign beyond its reach through traditional channels. We strategised a tailored social media strategy that would engage via several social channels to generate widespread awareness of the winter attractions of South West WA.

The campaign would encourage users to share their South West experiences primarily via Instagram using the hashtag #winterdownsouth, motivated by prizes awarded weekly and also an ultimate winter getaway at the end of the campaign. The ultimate outcome would drive an increased social media following for Australia’s South West and also increase awareness of the Winter Down South Holiday Planner that drives accommodation bookings for clients in the region.

Strategy behind winter down south


Though much of the content of the website would be publicly submitted, we developed an aesthetic which would support the submissions and engage users, while also staying true to the beauty of the region. The design is simple in appearance to allow the content to shine, while supporting this with a sophisticated framework to ensure it maintains the integrity across all devices.

Mood board used for winter down south


A highly visually engaging aesthetic was essential to present a collection of user generated images that “sell” the benefits of the South West. The web application pulls hashtagged Instagram, Facebook and Twitter posts and displays them on the website in a manner that encourages exploration and discovery. This mirrors in the digital space the intended exploration and discovery users are enticed to experience in the region itself. Further sharing via Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest is also promoted.

Content areas showcasing specific attractions are featured throughout the design, and messages reinforcing the winter experience down south serve to add further encouragement to potential visitors. The holiday planner is easily accessible to encourage accommodation bookings and the competition entry requirements are clearly communicated. From a management perspective, a cusotm admin area allows for moderation and the generation of analytic reports and the whole experience works seamlessly across all devices.

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